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Research Dissertations

1) The Iron Industry of Roman Britain

by Henry F Cleere, 1981

Chapter 1. Catalogue raisonnée of sites
Chapter 2. Geographical distribution of the industry
Chapter 3. Organization of the industry
Chapter 4. The technology of Roman ironmaking
Chapter 5. Historical outline
Chapter 6. The economics of the industry
Chapter 7. Bibliography
Appendix A. Ironmaking in a Roman Furnace
Appendix B. The Classification of Early Iron-smelting Furnaces
Appendix C. The Roman Iron Industry of the Weald and its
            Connexions with the Classis Britannica
Appendix D. Some operating parameters for Roman ironworks

The dissertation has been scanned and can be found as a PDF HERE (4.54Mb)
NOTE: Individual chapters and sub-headings can be accessed by hyperlinks from the Contents page.

2) The Iron Industry in the Weald in the period of the Seven Years' War, 1750-1770

by Jeremy Hodgkinson

MA dissertation, University of Brighton, 1993

The original text of the dissertation has been scanned in sections and exported as PDFs as follows:


Title, Contents, List of Tables and Figures, Abbreviations, etc

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Ownership, Organisation and Risk

Chapter 3

Products and Markets

Chapter 4

Location, Raw Materials, Transport and Labour

Chapter 5


Appendix 1

Wealden ironmasters and their sites, 1750-70

Appendix 2

Board of Ordnance and East India Company: Suppliers of Iron, 1750-70

Appendix 3

Board of Ordnance: Ordnance Purchases, 1750-70

Appendix 4

East India Company: Ordnance Purchases, 1750-70



Permission is given to download these files on condition that any use made of the material therein is given due acknowledgement.

Since it was written, a number of publications have corrected or amplified aspects of this dissertation, and readers are directed to the following:

Coutin, K. (ed.), 2008, History of the Iron Industry in West Hoathly, (West Hoathly, West Hoathly Local History Group).

Hodgkinson, J. S., 1996, "The decline in the ordnance trade in the Weald", Sussex Archaeological Collections, 134, 155-167.

Hodgkinson, J. S., 2000, "The Raby Background: The Midlands, London and the Weald," in Crocker, G., Alexander Raby, Ironmaster, (Guildford, Surrey Industrial History Group).

Hodgkinson, J. S., 2008, The Wealden Iron Industry (Stroud, The History Press).

King, P. W., 1995, "Ashburnham furnace in the early 18th century", Sussex Archaeological Collections, 133, 255-262.

King, P. W., 2002, "Bar iron production in the Weald in the early 18th century", Wealden Iron, 2nd ser., 22, 26-34.

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